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I was once asked why we raise our hands when we worship.

As a sign of surrender?

Yea maybe.

Because he is deserving of our worship?

Sure, makes sense.

To signify you’re reaching to be closer to him?

I mean, I get that.

None of those answers are wrong.

I think it can mean something different to anyone.

Have you ever stoped and thought

“what does this mean?”

“Why do we do this?”

This is how I view the simple but great gesture

How could I not raise my hands when his had nails in them for me?

Raising my hands is a reminder of my freedom.

Not just free from sin.

But free to worship.

Free from the opinions of others. There is nothing more peaceful than not caring what those around you think.

I don’t raise my hand for attention. I actually used to not raise my hand because I was afraid people would look at me. I raise my hand because God has my full attention in that moment.

I don’t care if anyone sees me because he does.

I used to think I wasn’t able to raise my hand because I didn’t the “feeling” everyone else did. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Now I raise my hand because despite how I feel he is worthy of my praise.

If you see my raise my hand in church it isn’t because I’ve got it all together, sometimes it’s because I’m falling apart.

It’s not always because I feel overwhelmed with joy, sometimes its because I’m hurting, sometimes its because I’m numb and don’t feel anything at all.

I used to assume someone who raised their hands in church was just a lot better off than me. That they were closer to God, and worship felt different to them.

But as someone who now lives in the freedom of worship, I wanted to encourage those of you who don’t think you’re worthy.

You were worth the nails that went through our saviors hands.

& he is worth the gesture of us raising ours.

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