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yes I posted this on my Instagram, and yes I’m posting it here too.

I’ve never been nominated for anything in my life. last semester I was “joking around” about people nominating me for hoco but not entirely joking. I’m gonna be real here. I wanted it. And I’m sorry if that’s bad and sounds all selfish or whatever but my life hasn’t exactly been full of good things buuuut I didn’t get nominated and I’m glad I didn’t because it put me in my place. I had a bit of a reflecting moment of “tori what the heck are you doing you are not the kind of person that campaigns yourself for things like this.” So I told myself I wouldn’t do that again. Seriously though, looking back at that makes me cringe biiiggg time. As the other girls were nominated I was wondering ‘okay so if I was nominated, then what???’

What if I lost?

Or what if I won??

Then nothing. then I “win” and people forget as the years go on.

I got over the thought of ever being nominated for anything. So, when I heard my name on the announcements for court-warming I was literally in shock! I had a bit of a celebration moment (not gonna lie) but then I went back to that mindset of ‘people will forget.’ I know this is a silly little post and some of you might think this is dumb for me to type so much because it’s just a high school court warming... maybe you’re right... I keep trying to play it off like it’s no biggie,,,, buuuuttttttt to my it’s a huge honorHowevvveerrrr people will forget. I really am BEYOND grateful to have even been nominated for something like this, but there’s more to life than this kinda stuff.

So much more.

And so I tried going into this whole experience knowing that if I lose, people forget, and if I win,,, well, people still forget, so i shouldn’t let it sink into my ego. once again, very thankful,

but the crown amounts to nothing compared to the rewards I have in heaven.

If you think that was a super cheesy christian-y thing for me to say... well, it really is, but that’s where I have to put myself because it can be so easy for me to get caught up in things in this world sometimes.

Keep things in perspective.


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