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Lady on the cruise

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

•••••I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been on vacation (which I’m very fortunate to get to do.)•••••

I never realized exactly how fortunate though until Evan was having a conversation with one of the staff members on the cruise who said

“Maybe someday I can be on your side”

That hit me hard...


She wasn‘t saying it to hit hard, or to make anyone feel bad, she said it out of hope.

At first I felt extremely blessed to be living the life God gave me, and I’m still incredibly thankful. However throughout the week, every time I would see one of the happy staff members I’d wonder how they’re really doing.

All of the staff on the boat are so kind, so unbelievably kind. I never ever thought about how they felt before because they seemed so happy. I assumed they were, but that was their job. Their jobs seemed so cool though, to be on vacation all the time.

But they’re never on vacation. They’re working nonstop everyday for 8 months.


8 months without their family, their friends, their homes.Although she was hopeful to one day be where I was, I hope to one day be like her. I want to bring joy to everyone around me no matter my own circumstances. I want people to look at me and not know when I’m upset because of my radiant smile. I want to be hopeful whenever I could be discouraged, I want to be happy for others not envious.

I want to turn the bad situations positive.


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