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The sun

i painted my Bible a while back.

My goal was to reference Gods design. I wanted to paint the universe, and I wanted the only thing you really notice to be the sun.

I think it’s funny how God works sometimes.

in the same way the earth was made to orbit the sun, we were made to orbit the son of God, Jesus.

back in the day people believed that the sun revolved the earth. And I think that a lot of times we get so caught up in our own little worlds that we forget Jesus wasn’t made specifically for us. Yes, he loved us, he died for us, but the ultimate purpose of gods creation was for us to worship him.

ever heard the saying
‘the world doesn’t revolve around you??’
or what’s about
‘you aren’t the center of the universe’

we can hear sayings like that time and time again, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives we forget the whole reason for our existence.

“what does a man profit if he gains the whole world and loses his soul“

That is one of my favorite bible verses, so I painted it on the back.

I want big things for my life. And I know that with God I am capable of them, but sometimes I need this as a little reminder.

a reminder to tell me “this isn’t all about you.”

a reminder to say “you get what you think you want, but it will never be enough if you don’t have what you need.”

If I’m not doing the very thing I was designed to do (Worship God) I’ll always be longing for more, no matter how much I have.

I’m reaching for the stars. I know I can accomplish my dreams, but not because I’m capable. But because the God who created the universe is Capable.


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