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Self image

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I drew a self portrait.

It started as a self portrait anyways, and then it got a bit more personal..

When drawing myself I had to take every small detail into consideration, drawing even the parts I hated. Like how my mouth frowns down at the ends and I can never get my eyebrows the right shape.

We are always pointing out the things we hate about ourselves.

God made me.

God made me in his image

I was hesitant when I went in to draw the markings of a surgical procedure, not because of its meaning but because I was proud of my drawing.

I didn’t want to mess up my drawing.

I didn’t want to mess up my creation, but I look in the mirror at that same image I drew wishing I could change things about it everyday. Wishing that I could change God’s creation.

I believe God would say this to me, “you are beautiful the way I made you and I don’t want you to mess up my art work, I’m proud of it & it isn’t yours to destroy.”

God gave everything a perfect design and he wasn‘t limited to just one idea of beauty. Everyone of us is beautiful in his eyes, and we weren’t made to look the same.

Stop trying so hard to fit into the ideal standards of this world. God doesn’t look at you like the world looks at you.

God doesn’t judge from the outside. He looks in.


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