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Scripture for...

“apply scripture to your life”

I’ve always heard to not just read God’s word but to also apply it to my life.

okay... what’s that even mean?

it means memorize it.

Don’t just read over written words on pages, rewrtite the words on your mind and on your heart.

The word of God can make a huge impact if you learn to take It all in.

how do you memorize it?

I’m sure there are many ways to go about this, and some probably much better than mine. But what I found works best for me is finding topics that I struggle with & writing it at the top of my page (for example) “strength”, and then underneath It I write scriptures that go along with that topic.

This benefits me the most because when I find myself struggling with those situations (like needing to be strong) I can say a scripture in my head.

Saying scripture in my head, and living it out is how I apply God’s word to my life.

How do you???

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