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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Questions... they put up a wall in our relationship with God.

They also prevent many people from ever even reaching out to God.

The questions aren’t horrible though, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad christian

The questions aren’t even what hurts faith, it’s the lack of answers

we live in a world full of reasoning.

we desire to find reasoning to everything (which isn’t bad)... until things happen beyond reason

Questions don’t have to be detrimental to faith, they can actually build it up.

For me personally, whenever I have questions, I search for answers, and in doing so I grow closer with God.

BUT I always have to turn back to the fact I’m only human

he’s God
I’m not
I wasn’t made to comprehend everything

I love growing in my knowledge of God, and gaining wisdom but I have to put myself in my place.

Why would I want to follow a God whose reasoning isn’t beyond me? why follow a God who I could be just as wise as?

What faith would it take to trust in a God when I know all the answers??


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