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Peter stepped out

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

As I looked at the water from the boat I was on, it was still. The waves felt crazy on the boat but somehow the water looked so calm. The week this picture was taken I was preparing for a sermon, and my topic was..


(those steps being)

•in confidence
•with courage
•of comfort zones

The passage I was reading from was a very common story of Peter walking on the water. I’d never read it in such depth before because it was so well known I just became familiar with it. But as I read it last time I thought not about the typical story I heard of how ‘Peter sank when he took his eyes off of God.’

I thought about Peter’s confidence in knowing who God was.

Peter stepped out of the boat because when he found out Jesus was the one on the water, he suddenly felt more safe in the middle of the storm with him, than in the comfort of the boat.

He stepped out of his comfort zone.

*He stepped out because he knew Jesus wouldn’t call him out if he wasn’t capable.


However— Peter did go under. And I’m sure when he was under, it felt like he was sinking, like Jesus had abandoned him.

*But sometimes God allows us to go under so that WHEN we rise, he is the one who gets the credit for it.


If you’re feeling under right now, I hope you know you weren’t made to live that way. Maybe you’re just at a season in your life right now where God is trying to teach you to to swim.


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