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Once upon a time

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

This story isn’t a fairy tale, so It shouldn’t start with a once upon a time. But I’m the one whose writing, so it’s gonna. Once upon a time I was born.

& now I’m 17.

There are a ton of chapters in this story that I left out, so I’ll catch you up. But I can’t do that all in one post. I wasn’t really sure where to begin, but I think I’ll start with this.

Hi, my name is Tori Mae Welch. And the story you are reading, isn’t even “my story.” Sure it’s about me or whatever, but this story is God’s. & I am lucky enough to be a small part of it. (We all are) If that doesn’t make since then keep following along with me & my life and everything leading up to now.

You see, God is the author of all of our stories and that’s where we seem to mess up. We think we are in charge. (We aren’t btw.) Things happen every single day that people have absolutely no control over. The literal only thing we are in charge of is how we act & react.

You have purpose

I believe that every single person on this Earth has a purpose, it’s all a matter of how hard you search to find yours. Some people never do. I still don’t know what mine is, but maybe it starts with this little blog.

So, once upon a time you were born. I don’t know what chapters you’ve already been through or what is to come, but you don’t have to do it alone. (God will be with you every step of the way if you let him.) & that being said....

Welcome to my life

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