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Media world

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I have no words, because the song explains itself so well,,, so I’m just going to write out parts of the lyrics and explain them a bit. just in case you missed the depth of it

We live in a social media world.

A world that is

  1. selfish

  2. fake

  3. lonely

  4. desperate

  5. & lacking compassion

it’s a scary time to be alive. a time when it’s okay to be self obsessed.

we live in a ‘follow me’ world, whenever we were created to show who we follow.

We live in a world where we click like to show love but we are really just feeding into everyone’s ego’s.

we were called to show Gods love & his love is so much more than a click.

We live in a world of comparison to people who are able to post whatever they want.

We know no one but we are ‘friends’ with everyone.

We waste away our lives obsessing over everyone else’s. we are so scared to miss out that we miss out.

we compare our behind the scenes to the highlights of all of our ‘friends’ filtered lives.

& We can never measure up we do the same thing.

we make a picture perfect life.

sometimes I seriously wonder.... is anyone genuine????

I find peace knowing that even if everyone in this world turns to be fake as they seem.....

God is as real & his motives are pure

  • He loves me even if they don’t like me

  • & as long as I follow him it shouldn’t matter who is following me

What would happen if the world would put there phones down & look up


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