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Loved should love

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“hurt people hurt people” - that’s what we say.

It’s the truth and it’s sad, but we shouldn’t just excuse everyone’s rudeness because they’re hurting.

we live in a broken world. Everyone is hurting. And if we use our pain as an excuse to be mean to others, then everyone has the right to be mean.

but If we want to live by that rule we should also live by the rules of

“loved people love people”
“forgiven people forgive people”

and then we would realize we have no right to be mean.

The God of all creation loves YOU

and his love is limitless, never ending and never changing.

No one will ever fail you as much as you’ve failed God, and he still loves you. He still forgives you.

So next time you use pain as an excuse to be rude just know this...

God will never ask you to love anyone more than he loves you

God will never make you forgive anyone more than he’s forgiven you


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