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Leading up to now.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

As perfect as my life growing up may have seemed, it was far from it... there were more problems then I have time to discuss. I went through a lot as a kid, things that I pray other kids never have to face.There are things in my life that no one knows about, things that someday I might talk about, or I might never.

But for the most part, I summed up my life until just this past year... so let’s get into that.

7th month’s ago on October 16th of 2018 my sister and I were in a very serious car accident. She almost died... the man in the other vehicle did die. We both suffered multiple injuries and are still recovering. I was the driver... and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again emotionally.

A month after the accident Papa got diagnosed with brain cancer and six days later he died.

My life was far from perfect... faaaarrrrr... but I took it for granted. Everything has completely changed, and I miss my old imperfect life now. But change is inevitable, so I’m adjusting. Things could always be worse than they are now.

Some good even came out of the bad situations. I finally got a real & genuine relationship with my Dad. It was crazy because nearly a week before the accident he came to my sister and I apologizing for everything and saying he wanted to be a part of our lives but I was mad because I was 17 now. I was almost an adult and it took him that long... but then after the accident I realized it could’ve taken longer, and at least he was there now. At least we got that chance to fill the gap. My life had been lacking another relationship though and I didn’t even know it.

I grew up knowing about God.I was always a Christian. My entire life revolved around church events and gospel singings, but I never had a relationship with Jesus. I was at church so much that it was just my life. It was routine. I didn’t realize who God really was or how much he loved me. I never realized how bad I needed him. And then I watched as my life fell apart. I realized I do need him.... And so now I want to share my story with anyone who will listen because it doesn’t have to take a near death experience to realize you need Jesus.

& now I believe we are all caught up to date. So welcome to my life.


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