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God is still good

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The corona virus’s seems to be ruining everything. And it is affecting the entire world.

This is a very easy time to get discouraged, so take a moment today and just remember the things God has done for you.

If you can’t think of anything, then I will tell you something he has done for all of us.

Today is good Friday.

The day Jesus was crucified... the day Gods son died for the sins of the entire world, including both me & you.

Corona is affecting the entire world, but so did Jesus.

Death, the very thing that terrifies us about this virus... nearly 2000 years ago Jesus conquered death on the cross.

Everyone still dies, but Jesus took away the power of death.

sin has no hold on us

and because of this....

“the day of death is now better than the day of birth”-Ecclesiastes: 7:1

meaning, we rejoice knowing we have an eternity with God in heaven. ETERNITY with no more death, sorrow, or pain.

what would it look like If during this scary time, we shared the gospel??? If we took away the fear of corona with promise of eternal life.

would it minimize the fear of the world?

-Tori 💛

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