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Have you ever felt like you were drowning?

••• like you’re in so deep you can’t breathe?

••• like you need saving but no one can hear you no matter how loud scream for help?

••• like the more you need to breathe, the deeper you seem to sink?

I have.

I feel like I’ve started sinking so far under before that everything around me starts to go dark... and I can just barely see the light shining through.

I’ve felt like I’ve reached my hand out to be rescued many times, but often get forgotten.


I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Peter walking on the water. He knew he saw Jesus and he trusted in him, so without hesitation he stepped out of the boat and walked on the water.

At first I’m sure he was amazed.

I bet he marveled at the fact he was LITERALLY WALKING ON WATER.

But then he got distracted....

Peter suddenly became aware of his surroundings and instead of being in awe of Jesus and growing in his faith, he began to get scared.

Peter looked around and realized how big the waves were, and he suddenly felt incapable

he thought about sinking...

... and so he started to sink.

but when he went under Jesus IMMEDIATELY reached down his hand to save him.

But that isn’t always the case for us. Of course the savior wants to save us all, but I believe there are certain situations when he wants us to learn to swim. He will always be there reaching his hand down to help us, but sometimes the best way to help us is to just be there with us as we swim, not to immediately pull us up.

You see, Peter began to drown because he started realizing how incapable he was. He thought “well I can’t walk on water how am I doing this.” And “these waves are going to knock me under.”

We do this a lot. We think about what we can’t do rather than what God CAN do.

When Peter’s eyes were fixed on Jesus, that’s when he was capable.

Even if you’re already under, fix your eyes on Jesus.

Even If it feels pitch black, search for the light and he will lead your way back to the surface.

You’re never too far under for God.


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