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Cover explained

Updated: May 20, 2020

I drew a picture of myself partially erased for the cover of my book.

There is so much meaning behind this to me.

This symbolizes to me, the picture perfect version of myself I’ve always tried to put on for the world to see.

But God always saw me completely. He was the one who made me, the one who wrote my story, even though sometimes I still think I’m in control.

Accidental Purpose

that’s a play on words, because it has to do with the car accident, and searching for a purpose to it all, but it also plays into the cover.

The story I tried to write will never be perfect, because I’m human.

But my author is perfect, and he has the power to erase my mistakes.


Back of the book

This image symbolizes the broken me... and how I always try to paint on a happy face for the world to see.

When the whole world saw me and said “you’re so strong” it’s only because God was holding me up.

The only reason the world saw me as strong was because they saw God’s strength through my smile

I’m holding my crutch in the photo to symbolize how broken I was & how I always needed support.

And the dress..... the only outfit described in the book.... that’s the dress I wore to Papa’s funeral....

This is not just based on a true story, it’s based on my true story. Not everyone else’s version of my story. Mine.


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