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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I already posted this on my Instagram, but I didn’t want the message to die out.

rather than posting a senior Sunday photo like I planed.... I posted this...

this is me after an extremely busy day whenever I am drained and ready to just be in my bed.

this is me whenever the makeup comes off, and I can breath a little better.

this is the me I don’t always let the world see

sometimes it gets so hard to live in a social media world where everyone is always uploading the highlights of their life while you live in your behind the scenes

I search for everyone’s approval, all of the time. I hate it, but I can’t help it. I strive to be a like-able person and whenever someone has a problem with me, I just want them to like me even more.

whenever I portray myself how I want to be seen I feel better. Whenever people comment and compliment me, I feel better. Social media gives me a temporary confidence, and then I find that I compare myself not only to others, but I compare real genuine me to the me on my Instagram, and I don’t measure up.


I used to be so afraid to hurt anyones feelings that I’d respond to every individual comment, but I’m done responding... In fact, I’m done even reading comments because my confidence should not be found in the approval of everyone else I’m trying to gain, but the approval God already has for me.

This is me everyone.

like my post, or don’t. Like me, or don’t. I have a God that loves me and that’s enough. Follow me, or don’t. I have a God I follow and that’s enough.

YOU are enough, & the number of likes you get does not determine that


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