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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

What’s your plan?”

That’s what everyone asks people my age…. And what no one my age seems to know.

Some of us say

Just going to school right now,

others say,

“Just working at the moment,”

And on rare occasions you’ll hear a plan that is set in stone.

I however don’t believe anyone’s plans are truly set in stone.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really have a plan beyond high school. My plan was to get through high school.

How did I plan to do this?

-Exactly like all of the people the years before me.

✔️Take my classes,

✔️Get through the day,

… Eveventually graduate.

If anyone had a generic simple plan, I believe it was been me.


A world wide pandemic took place my senior year, and somehow even my incredibly basic plan went out the window.

(picture on graduation night) ^

As for my next step now…..


There I said it.


But here’s what I do know.

  1. I know I don’t REALLY know anything about the future. -none of us do.

  2. I know God has gotten me through an entire year of unknowns by opening up doors and closing other ones.

  3. I know God has plans to prosper me, to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)

  4. Last, but not least, I have faith.

To have faith does not mean I’m going to sit around and do nothing in hopes things will happen.


That’s why we’re told to walk by faith.

To have faith means to TRY and to TRUST.

If things work out that’s awesome!

And if they don’t, you keep trying, or you take it as a sign of redirection to try for something else.

I have had 4 jobs in the past year.

I was working all 3 of them at one point, and then I got the opportunity for the full time where I am now.

Here’s the crazy part….

I didn’t officially “apply” for any of them. I was OFFERED, not 1, but ALL of those!!

When I had no next step it felt like God literally placed opportunities before me.

I didn’t pray “God is this your will”

I prayed “God if this isn’t your will, I need a sign. Because right now this is the closest thing I have to a plan.”

I had no next step, I just stepped.

If I’m being truthful, there were times when I really didn’t trust, because I couldn’t see.

But now I look back and it all makes sense, which helps me to take my next step in confidence.

Right now I’m learning to find contentment in each day & just trust the journey.

So, long story short,

I have no plan.

I just have a lot of ideas, and dreams, and faith.

I’m ready to start stepping and I’m trusting that God will either align, or redirect me.


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