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Worthy of life

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Today I preached at my Papa’s church on the 8 month mark of his death...

Everybody‘s story has worth

Thats the overall point of the message I always preach.

I always make it a point that everyone’s story has purpose, and you don’t need to have something terrible (like a car accident or losing someone you love) to let God change someone’s eternity through you.

All that it takes is one conversation & because of that you cannot say you don’t have worth.

However, I will be the first to admit that I struggle with this.

Now more than ever.

You might be thinking “how could she think everyone else has worth but she doesn’t”

Well the reason is, the death with my Papa hit me incredibly hard and the fact that a month before he passed away it was almost my time.... that doesn’t seem fair.

I get in this headspace often times of ”why didn’t God take me instead of him,” because he seemed to have more worth to me.

He was not only an amazing preacher, but he became a friend to everyone he met. & His funeral showed that.

I’d never seen such a busy funeral in my life.... it was so packed that they had to open up another room where people watched the service on a screen.

He impacted so many lives & I didn’t think I was worthy of being here because I wasn’t like that.

Papa might’ve died, but his story won’t because I made a promise to him that I’d never stop telling it.

Tonight, after preaching at his church, I realized I was capable of the same things he was. Because, although my Papa was an amazing person, the reason he was an amazing preacher was because God was in him and with him everywhere he went.

So many people came up to me and encouraged me to keep it up. So many people told me Papa would be proud. So many people told me I’m following in my Papa’s footsteps...

I’m more than a story.

Everybody‘s story has worth, but so does every life.

I don’t know who needed to hear this but,

Your life has worth & you do have a purpose


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