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Father’s Day

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I remember my first Father’s Day at school. I remember everyone making cards, and I asked “who do I make this for.”


I had a dad, and I loved him. I had a step dad, and I loved him too. My mom wasn’t a dad of course, but I didn’t want her to feel left out because she was the one who was always there.

After much consideration, I finally decided to make one for my grandpa because . I wrote something along the lines of “Papa I know you aren’t my dad, but you‘re the best dad I could ever ask for.”

He thought that was so sweet, and so for all of the fathers days that followed, I made him a card.

I’ve never been a fan of father’s day, but today, June 16th, 2019, is the worst one yet..

I never would've thought last Father’s Day with Papa, would be my very last Father’s Day with Papa ever... but it was.

I never had a great relationship with my Dad, but it’s definetly getting stronger. However, he won’t be here forever either.

The only father that is eternal is our Heavenly Father, God. I believe that Papa is having the best father’s day ever today. He is reunited with his dad, and also in the presence of God!!

I miss him so much... but I know that if he had the chance to come back, he wouldn’t take it. He would say “Tori you are so silly you will see me again!” And as much as I want to see him, I wouldn’t want him to come back either, he deserves heaven.

Father’s Day is hard. For those of you out there who don’t have a relationship with a dad, were abused, have been abandoned, or have lost a dad, today is especially hard. My heart goes out to you. But just remember you have a Heavenly Father who is eternal and whose love is never failing. Happy Father’s day


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