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I drew this the other day...

The meaning of this drawing can be interpreted in a few different ways. One way being, the girl is looking at her reflection for how sad she really see’s herself vs how everyone else sees her. Another being, the girl in the mirror looking at herself smile on the other side and wondering how she is happy, or why she’s pretending. It could also be interpreted that the pop of color from the lipstick is to symbolize that no matter how much makeup you wear you can’t cover up who you are, or how you feel.

however you choose to see this image doesn’t matter to me. I drew it in a way that would give people room for interpretation

But, the main point I was trying to get across was...

fake happy

••I’m human. I’m not happy all of the time. I struggle••

The kiss next to my signature is to tie the picture to me. I used the same lipstick that I did in my drawing to signify that I relate to this feeling of fake happy.


Sometimes I feel fake happy. Sometimes I feel like the way I feel on the inside is not how I act on the outside, but that doesn’t make me “fake.” I think it actually makes me happier to not let my emotions be controlled by my circumstances.


If I let my thoughts & feelings get in the way of my attitude, then I wouldn’t smile near as much.

Sometimes I get in my head and tell myself that I should just act how I feel, because it’s ‘wrong to be fake.’

However, me being happy whenever I have reasons to be upset, is what makes me stronger. The only reason I can be so positive in the worst times of my life is because I have God.

The joy of the lord is my strength

It‘s when I’m strong in the hard times that people wonder what’s different about me.

Sometimes it is hard to live with yourself whenever you feel like you are two completely different people. There were times in my life where I felt like I was losing my mind because I ‘put on this show’ all of the time.

I break down, and I have my days, but I’ve learned you can be genuinely joyful in the worst times of your life if your joy comes God.

It doesn’t make you fake.


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