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Become the one

“What is the main piece of advice you’d give your past self?”


Little Tori. I wish I could go back in time and punch the love of Jesus into you. (Maybbeee that’s a bit harsh but someone needed to be straight up with me because I was sooooo blind to my value)

-I wish I could tell you how smart, loved, chosen, strong, independent, purposeful and pure you are. It would’ve saved you from so much. I wouldn’t change things because it’s shaped me into who I am. But I can’t imagine how much different my life would be if I always knew who I was. In highschool I had a relationship fail and it seeped into my identity of not being good enough. & then a few years later I was in a situationship (that also failed) but this time it wasn’t the end of the world. I actually thanked God. I praised him because he prevented me from fully committing to something that was destined to fail.

I learned not to be so effected because I KNOW WHO I AM!!! I deserve a heck of a lot. And right now I’m in the process of BECOMING the one, NOT SEARCHING FOR THE ONE!!! I’ve set high standards, but they’re not impossible. If I can achieve them, then some guy somewhere can, and if not..I prefer to be alone.

Me and God are just chilling right now. I can’t let someone come mess that up.

So past self, (or current student reading this) know your worth & don’t be stupidddd. For real. You aren’t dumb.

Common sense: If you have to pray and pray and praaayyyy for God to give you a sign of whether or not someone is “the one”…. I think that’s your sign…

^^Take the hint instead of getting offended when the sign you get is more brutal than what you hoped for.

(And to current self-or anyone unsure of how to respond to unfortunate boy troubles) Can we get over it?

Let’s just use the story God gave us to help others. And stop the pettiness. It’s not cute on anybody (self included)…

- sorry if that was blunt. I say it outta love for you & respect for past me because she needed it most.

You. Are. Worth. So. Much.


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